Engine Detonation: The Dangers And Prevention Measures

16 August 2019
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Engine detonation occurs when pockets of air-fuel mixtures ignite and explode outside the normal envelope of combustion. Below are some of the consequences of an engine detonation, and how you can prevent the phenomenon. The Dangers The extent of the engine detonation determines the extent of the damage. However, the following are the most common forms of damage from engine detonation. Mechanical Damage Although the engine is mostly made of tough metal, it can suffer mechanical damage just like other parts of the car can. Read More 

Two Simple Automotive Components That Can Make Your Car Deadly When They Wear Out

18 July 2019
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Your tires and exhaust system are two of the simplest components on your car. Nevertheless, they are both extremely important when it comes to keeping you and your passengers safe on the road Tire Damage If your car's tires blow out at the wrong time, you can completely lose control and cause a serious accident. Unfortunately, damaged tires tend to blow out at high speeds due to the stress of increased friction against the road. Read More 

Three Diesel Engine Problems That Sound Like Medical Issues And How To Treat Them

19 June 2019
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It is fairly common for people to treat their vehicles like humans, or like family members. Some people even name their vehicles and baby them as though the vehicles were conscious entities with thoughts and feelings. That is why it strikes people as oddly humorous when they hear about the various diesel engine problems that sound like human medical conditions. Here are three of those problems and how to treat, er, fix them. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Brake Caliper Failure

24 May 2019
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There's more to your car's braking system than just pads and rotors. Nearly all modern cars use disc brakes on at least the front wheels, although four-wheel disc brakes systems are become increasingly common across a range of models. With disc brakes, your car's hydraulic braking system is used to ultimately compress a set of pads against a metal disc (the brake rotor) to create friction that will bring your car to a smooth stop. Read More 

What Is Done During a Brake Inspection?

29 April 2019
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Many car owners can tell you that they have their brakes inspected on a regular basis. Unfortunately, you won't get a similar number of people telling you that they know exactly what happens during these inspections. Considering this is something to do with your safety, it is important to have an idea of what is done during such inspections, whether they're done by a state technician or in an auto brake repair shop. Read More