4 Signs Your Catalytic Converter Is Malfunctioning

22 December 2021
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A catalytic converter is a part that is designed to last for a long time. However, they don't last forever. If you are driving an older vehicle, there is always a risk that your catalytic converter may fail. The catalytic converter is what controls exhaust emissions. It ensures that the toxic gases that your vehicle creates are turned into less harmful fumes before they come out of your car.  Sign #1: Black Exhaust  Read More 

Why Shouldn’t You Wait For Your Car’s Belts To Fail?

12 November 2021
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Maintaining your car isn't just about keeping it running. It's also about saving money. By performing routine maintenance on your car, you can avoid nasty failures that typically cost far more to repair than prevent. With preventative maintenance, your goal is to fix things that aren't yet broken. Instead of waiting for common failure points to fail, you replace them in a way that's predictable and helps you avoid catastrophic failures. Read More 

What Should You Expect Following A Side-Impact Collision?

20 October 2021
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Side-impact collisions can be potentially devastating, but even relatively minor crashes can lead to significant vehicle damage. Dealing with a crash of this nature typically requires repairing or replacing multiple parts, from doors to rocker panels. In extreme cases, it may also be necessary to cut and weld damaged structural components. While no two accidents are necessarily alike, there are several types of damage you can expect following an impact from the side. Read More 

What Happens If You Wait To Replace Your Windshield?

17 September 2021
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Windshield damage is unavoidable on any car that sees significant use. While there's plenty you can control when driving, there's not much you can do about errant pebbles or road debris. Since your windshield is a vast expanse of glass sitting across the front of your car, it's usually the area most likely to suffer these impacts. Auto glass technicians can typically repair minor cracks and chips, but some damage may be too severe. Read More 

Choosing The Right Air Filter For Your Car

16 August 2021
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In many ways, internal combustion engines are nothing more than fancy air pumps. The engine's intake stroke draws air through the intake manifold to support the combustion process. Without an adequate amount of air, your car can't efficiently burn its fuel, and you'll experience reduced gas mileage and many other issues. Air filters rarely become so clogged that they impact vehicle performance significantly, but leaving one for too long can certainly create problems. Read More