How to Compare Different Pickup Truck Cabs

9 March 2015
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The body of pickup trucks include many different parts, including the cab. The cab of a truck is the space where the driver is, as well as any back seats that are available. Most pickup trucks include at least enough room for small seats behind the driver's seats, though the features, size, and number of doors can vary greatly. Here are the different styles of truck cabs available for pickup trucks.

Regular Cab

The standard pickup truck cub is a regular cab. This cab only has one row of seating, which includes the driver's seat and passenger seat. Some regular cabs have enough room in the middle to fit someone, as long as there is a third seatbelt. This is usually reserved for children, as it is not a full-sized seat. Some regular cabs do have space behind the front row of seats, but this apace is only for storing items and tools, not to fit people in. It may or may not have rear access doors to get to this extra storage area.

Crew Cab

A pickup truck that has a crew cab is one that has four doors, where it provides access to two rows of seating. As opposed to the one row of seating in standard pickup trucks, you can fit at least four people in a crew cab, but sometimes five or even six depending on the size of the person and how many seatbelts there are.

Extended Cab

There is another style of pickup truck with two rows of seats called an extended cab. This has some minor variations in relation to a crew cab pickup truck. One of the main differences between a crew cab and extended cab is that in an extended cab truck, while there is a second row of seats, it is typically more compact and does not have full-size doors to access it. Instead, there is limited legroom in the second row, and the door leading to the back is either the one door opening to the driver's row of sating, or is a half door that slides open just enough to get inside.

Double Cab

Finally, there is a pickup truck that includes a double cab, which is generally the largest cab available that has a second row of seats. Not only does this second row have a full-sized swinging door to access it, but the seats also have enough room to decline. Naturally, this is a larger truck that requires extra space in order to accommodate a larger cab, though some truck bodies might have a shorter truck bed in order to have a larger cab. (For more information, contact Metropolitan Truck Center Inc)