Safe Driving On Icy Roads & How To Deal With A Slide

10 March 2015
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The wisest thing you can do is avoid driving when the road is icy. But that may not be possible at times, so you should know how to drive on slippery roads. The following guide will teach you some safe driving techniques and also how to deal with a slide.

Prepare Correctly

Consider the following to make sure your car is ready for the winter:

  • Have your auto care specialist check your brakes before the winter hits
  • Make sure your tires are serviced and that you have snow tires
  • Freezing temperatures make the pressure in your tires drop. And under-inflated tires gives you less control.
  • Have your mechanic check your whole system including radiator, fuel system and ignition system. You do not want your car to stop on you in the middle of the road.
  • Keep emergency materials, such as tire cleats and a shovel just in case you get stuck somewhere
  • Be sure you have the number to your towing company, just in case

Driving On Icy Roads

The following are a few tips that can help you drive safely on icy roads:

  1. Don't ride your brakes. Your wheels turning over the icy road still gives you some friction and control. But applying your brakes may cause the tires to go into a slide. To brake, just pump your brakes or do so very slowly.
  2. Drive at 45 miles per hour or slower. Drive at 10 miles per hour if you notice black ice, which is very slippery. Remember to slow down if you notice that your car is fishtailing (or slightly rocking). This is a sign you are driving too fast.
  3. Keep your distance from the cars around you because their cars may slide, just like yours can.
  4. Avoid uphills and downhills.

Regain Control If Your Car Slides

The following steps can help you regain control if your car slides:

  1. Keep your car straight, and do not hit the breaks.
  2. Slowly turn into the slide if you feel like your car is moving to the left or right. Turning against the slide may cause you to spin out.
  3. Apply brakes only if necessary, and do so in slow pumps.
  4. Try to lunge yourself towards an empty field or a pile of snow if you do end up losing control of your car.
  5. At this point you can try to slowly get back on the road, or call a tow truck if you need assistance.

As you can see, there are tips that can make you a better winter driver. To learn more, contact a company like Arizona Auto Repair with any questions or concerns you have.