Three Common Mechanical Problems With The BMW F-10 5 Series

31 March 2015
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Although the BMW f-10 5 series is basically a good, solid choice for those wishing to purchase a used luxury vehicle, there are certain problems that are specific to this model. Following are three areas where mechanical problems have been frequently reported by drivers.


Transmission issues have been reported by many BMW F-10 5 owners. Problems include:

  • Rough jerking during downshifting.
  • Loud clanking noises during shifting.
  • Slipping gears and sudden reductions in speed.

Malfunctioning transmissions an extremely expensive fix if problems are allowed to progress. Unfortunately, many BMW F-10 5 owners have noticed that the standard "transmission failure" light does not illuminate when signs of transmission trouble begin, so don't rely on the light to let you know when your BMW F-10 5 may need to be taken to the BMW auto repair shop. Play it safe at take it in at the first sign of trouble.

Steering Shafts

Many owners of the BMW F-10 5 series have complained of steering issues, mainly drifting to the right when on the road. This problem is occurring most often in vehicles that have electric steering shafts instead of hydraulic steering. Because this can create potentially dangerous situations, you should test your BMW on a regular basis to ensure that the steering shaft is functioning properly. Here's how:

  • Take your car to a safe stretch of road and drive about 25 mph.
  • When no other vehicles are around, remove your hands from the steering wheel but leave them in position so that you can quickly take the wheel again.
  • If the vehicle veers or jerks in either direction, grab the wheel, straighten it out, and return to your home and make an appointment with your BMW repair professional.

The above test should only be performed by experienced drivers when no other vehicles, pedestrians, or animals are in the vicinity. If you are not comfortable doing this, be alert for signs that your BMW may be experiencing steering issues such as unexpected jerking or the general feeling that you've got to steer more to one side to keep the vehicle going in a straight line.


Many BMW F-10 owners have reported that the batteries in their vehicles have gone completely dead on short trips but that they have experienced no problems on longer ones. Needless to say, this can be very inconvenient. If you are experiencing this issue, replacing the battery will probably not solve the problem. Malfunctioning alternators are sometimes the culprit when batteries won't retain a charge, and it is also possible that the battery on these vehicles drains extremely quickly because of the abundance of new electronics featured by the BMW F-10. An experienced mechanic from a place like Autowerkes should be able to narrow down the source of the problem and provide an issue.