Important Tips For Volvo Auto Repair When Buying A Used Volvo

18 May 2015
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When you have found a great deal on a used Volvo, it is important to have it examined by an experienced Volvo mechanic (such as one from Lakewood Imports Volvo Specialists). Doing so makes sense any time that you purchase a used vehicle, but with a Volvo, it is more so. Although the Volvo line of vehicles has long been known as reliable and safe, as a foreign car it is more expensive to repair than the vehicles made in the U.S.

What To Do About The Problem

If the mechanic sees a problem with the Volvo that you are considering, you have the following options, assuming you still want the car:

  • Try to negotiate the cost of the vehicle to offset the necessary repairs

  • Require the owner to make the repairs before you buy it

  • Buy it for the price it was offered and make the repairs out of your pocket

Learn About Recalls

Even though the Volvo has consistently proven itself to be a long-lasting vehicle, it is not perfect. When shopping for a used Volvo, before you even negotiate with the owner or call the mechanic, you will need to see if the model you are seeing has been impacted by any recalls.

It is also helpful to remember that many different vehicles have had recalls over the years. Sometimes it occurs not due to a hazard, but because safety standards that were changed after the vehicle was sold required something to change.

Below are some recalls that have taken in recent years:

  • 2013 Volvo S60-airbags

  • 2013 Volvo S80-issues with monitoring the tire pressure regulation and transmission

  • 2012 Volvo S80-problems with the body of the car

  • 2012 Volvo XC70-electrical issues

There are other recalls as well. Fortunately, if the problem that your car has was due to the known problem, it will be repaired without any extra fees. Your Volvo repair specialist will be able to clarify the details of a recall, if applicable in your situation.  

But It Is Not A Recalled Volvo That You Are Interested In

As with any used car, there could be many things wrong with it. However, you should consider that because the Volvo is generally considered to be a safe car, if the frame is bent, you should discuss with your mechanic what the options for a Volvo auto repair will be.

In some cases, a bent frame on a Volvo cannot be entirely returned to its former glory and attempting to do so could be an expensive endeavor.  

In conclusion, getting a great deal on a used Volvo is something to be celebrated. The Volvo line of vehicles have been in existence since 1927, in different forms and types of companies, and generally are safe and attractive vehicles. As soon as your Volvo auto repair specialist conforms that the price is a good deal on the car, go buy it, before someone else does.