3 Signs That Your Car Needs To Be Aligned

17 June 2015
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It's critical that you respond immediately once you realize that your wheels are out of alignment, because driving with misaligned wheels can result in your car being permanently damaged and not being able to perform to the degree of safety that you require. However, for those who are not familiar with cars, it can be difficult to tell exactly when your car's wheels need to be aligned. Here are some tips for figuring out when you should take your car to the shop for alignment.

1. Your Car Drifts to One Side

A major sign that your wheels are not aligned is if your car drifts to one side. This can be difficult to test unless you know how. To test if your car drifts to one side, go to a parking lot that have lines that are directly across from each other. Park your car in one of the parking spaces so that it is neatly between the lines. Hold the wheels so that it is perfectly straight and put your car into drive while holding the break down. Release the break and allow your car to smoothly drift forwards.

If your car is able to stay within the lines when it reaches the parking space across the aisle, then your car is probably aligned well. If it strays over to another space or straddles the line, then you will need to take your car to the shop.

2. The Steering Wheel Won't Stop Vibrating

If you can feel your steering wheel constantly humming and vibrating in your hands when you are driving, then you need to get your vehicle to an auto repair shop immediately.

3. Your Tires Look Uneven

If one of your tires is totally worn down, while your other tires look as good as new, then there's a chance that your vehicle is unaligned. Check the tread on each of your tires using a ruler and see if it is within a sixteenth of an inch of the other tires. If not, take it to an auto repair shop.,

For more information, talk to your auto repair center like Alaska Chevron Service. They will be able to do a road test for you in order to determine whether or not your car needs to be realigned, often for a reduced charge. If you're concerned that you won't be able to tell accurately, pay for this road test twice a year.