3 Ways To Cut Car Repair Costs

23 June 2015
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Are you worried about your upcoming car repairs costing too much? If so, you may avoid repairs altogether, which can put your car at risk of major, expensive car damages. Rather than avoid car repairs when they are needed, be sure you take the time to find a solution that can help make your repairs more affordable. There are many options when it comes to saving on car repairs, such as the following:

Using a Small Repair Shop

A locally owned repair shop can definitely be a way to save on your repairs, as you are likely to receive better labor rates and repair fees. This is because a smaller shop has less cost, such as less garage space to pay for and a lower count of employees working for them. This allows them to lower their labor rates while maintaining a healthy profit margin. Also, because these local shops have to compete with big name repair shops, they will definitely apply a more attractive repair cost to your invoice.

Seeking Services From a Mobile Mechanic

Hiring a mobile mechanic can also help you save money on your repairs, as a mobile mechanic works out of either a truck or van and doesn't have overhead to pay for. Also, because your mobile mechanic controls the rates of the repairs, you will likely be able to negotiate the price of your repairs, which can help you obtain the best price in town for the repairs that you need.

Providing Your Own Replacement Parts

Using a shop that allows you to provide your own replacement parts can potentially save you anywhere from 25% to 50% on your repairs, as you won't have to pay high mark up prices. So, when selecting a mechanic or repair shop, be sure to check and see whether or not they allow you to provide your own replacement parts so you can find parts at a great and low price. You can usually find low cost parts at your local scrap yard or online. 

By taking advantage of these tips and options, you will not only be able to save money on your repairs, but you will feel more confident receiving repair services, which will prevent you from avoiding repairs and putting your car at risk of major damages.

So, before you assume that your upcoming repairs are out of your budget, definitely be sure to take these options into consideration when planning your next repair service as they can help make your repairs more affordable and easier to obtain. For more information, contact a company like Professional Automotive.