Is Your Car's Transmission Broken? 2 Common Questions Answered

17 August 2015
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A car is likely to have several problems the longer that you drive it, and one of those problems may be with the transmission. When the transmission starts showing signs of failure, you should have it looked at and repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring a transmission issue can lead to an expensive replacement in the future if you are not careful. Here are 2 common questions you may have about how to deal with a transmission that is in need of repair.

How Can I Obtain A Repair Quote For My Transmission?

While you can get a quote for many basic auto repair services over the phone, this isn't possible for transmissions. This is because it is a very complex part of your car, and a malfunction may be due to several problems that are impossible to diagnose over the phone. It will be necessary to have a mechanic look at your car in person to perform the diagnostics on your transmission.

Dealing with transmission problems can be quite extensive and may require deconstructing your transmission to get the bottom of the issue at hand. This is more likely to be necessary on older vehicles that have transmissions without diagnostic computers within them. The mechanic will eventually figure out what the problem is and give you a quote for the repair costs. This includes labor, parts, and how long it will take. This step of the process takes about a day to perform.

Am I Able To Drive My Car To The Auto Shop?

Driving the car to the auto shop depends on how bad the problem is and how far you need to drive. If the car still runs, and you are experiencing small problems such as vibration or rattling, you are better off taking side streets to the auto shop and being very careful. Avoid taking the freeway, and try not to put too much stress on the transmission by accelerating too quickly.

Problems where the transmission is leaking fluids or not shifting gears at all will require a tow to the auto shop. Not only is it safer for you as a driver, but it will prevent having to deal with being stranded and waiting for a tow truck to pick you up if the car does break down. Also keep in mind that unnecessary wear and tear could cause more damage to your car in either situation, so use your best judgment.

Now that you know the answers to these two questions, you'll be prepared to deal with your transmission troubles. For more information on auto repair, contact a company like Soundside Automotive.