Three Situations After An Auto Collision That Call For Cabin Air Filter Compartment Repairs

15 September 2015
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Since an auto collision is such a stressful event, it's easy to pay little attention to the smaller components of your car like the cabin air filter compartment. Even though the air in your car will be stuffy and impure if this compartment isn't working properly, you might be disinclined to ask a mechanic to examine it because of cost concerns. But if any of these three auto collision situations apply to you, you can be reasonably sure that a significant problem with your cabin air filter compartment exists and deserves attention.

There Was Lots Of Dark Smoke Coming Out Of The Car's Hood

Your cabin air filter compartment can only take so much gas at once before it starts getting inundated with gunk. If this gunk isn't quickly cleaned out, it can harden and eventually cause parts of the compartment to fuse together.

So if the accident was serious enough that lots of dark smoke emerged from your car's engine over a long period of time, don't balk at a full cabin air filter compartment inspection.

The Wall Holding The Foot Pedals Is Cracked Or Bent

Since there isn't much space in a typical car and lots of different parts are bunched up together, even relatively mild physical trauma on one part of your car can spread and create a serious problem on another. Since a cabin air filter compartment is usually under the vehicle's dashboard, it's important to look out for any bending or cracking that occurs on the wall holding up the driver seat foot pedals.

Although compartments that get warped by physical trauma can sometimes work fine for awhile, trouble is almost guaranteed when it's time to replace the filter. Usually, it's impossible to remove the old filter without a knife and impossible to put in a new one without tearing it up as well.

Your Car Was Partially Submerged In A Large Thicket After The Impact

If your car fell into a large thicket because of the accident and its protective exterior panels were sufficiently beat up by the main impact, there's a good chance that lots of foreign elements like small bugs and leaf fragments have drifted deep into the vehicle's ventilation system. In this case, it's important that your cabin air filter compartment gets a deep inspection and cleaning from a mechanic so that the air in your car remains sufficiently pure.

In some cases, larger things like twigs can even clog the access point between the outside world and the cabin air filter compartment completely. If the thickets had a lot of loose twigs on them and you suddenly discover that the air in your car is getting stuffy, you'll know where to put your suspicions. Contact a company like Dean's Automotive Service Center for more information or assistance.