Must-Have Brake Services Before The Winter Season

24 September 2015
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Do you put a good amount of miles on your car each year? If you do, you likely have concerns about when to take your car in for services. With the winter season approaching, you will want to be certain that your vehicle is safe and reliable. A great service to receive before the roads become covered in ice, rain, and snow is brake services. There are many brake services that you can receive that will help improve the quality of your braking, such as:

Brake Pad Replacements

There are many signs that tell us when brake pads need to be replaced, such as the sound they make when you press your brake pedal. If they make any sort of squeaking noises then you will want to have these brake pads replaced by your mechanic immediately. This is a sign that your brake pads are very low, which can reduce the performance in your brake system, which will reduce your car control when hitting your brakes on wet road conditions. So, to ensure your car doesn't spin out or one side of your car brakes faster than the other, be sure to have all four brake pads replaced to maximize your safety on the road.

Rotor Repairs

Like your brake pads, there are signs that can inform you of complications with your brake rotors. Your rotors are the component in your brake system that your brake pads come in contact with, which causes the friction to slow your vehicle. If your car shakes or the steering wheel rattles when you attempt to slow your vehicle then this could possibly mean your rotors are warped. Warped rotors make it more difficult for your brake pads to contact, which can prevent your car from having a smooth stop. Your mechanic will be able to resurface the rotors or replace them, which are both options that can enhance your braking experience.

Fluid Replacement

Though this service can be sometimes overlooked, especially if you are not a car expert, you will want to be sure that you have your brake fluid replaced if you are having issues.  A common issue with poor quality brake fluid is having to press down very deep on your brake pedal before you get a response or are able to slow down. Replacing your fluid will make your brake pedal respond quicker and with little force, so you can quickly stop without any hesitation.

These three services can improve the quality of your brake system, which can give you more control and comfort on the road, especially when you need it the most. So, before you wait last minute to receive brake services, be sure to take advantage of them before the winter season rolls in, as these services can help keep you safe on the road.