Two Tips To Avoid Overlooking Important Aspects Of Caring For Your Car

9 March 2016
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Vehicle problems can quickly cause your trip to turn into a very unpleasant experience. In addition to potentially being left stranded, these problems can also make your car extremely unsafe to operate. Sadly, many drivers are not well-informed about the various tasks that must go into keeping a car maintained, and this can cause them to make some simple oversights. By making sure to follow these tips, you can help avoid making accidental oversights that can compromise the performance of your vehicle.

Have Your Air Filter Changed Regularly

In order for your car's engine to function, it must have a constant source of air, but it is an unfortunate fact that it can be easy for road debris and dirt to be sucked into your engine. Minimizing the risk of this damage is done by the engine's air filter. While these filters can be highly effective at keeping debris out of your engine, they can become clogged. To avoid this problem, you should make sure to have your air filter inspected after each oil change. Failure to have the air filter changed can seriously compromise the performance of your engine, and it can lead to foul smells in the cabin of the car. By making sure to simply have the air filter checked after each oil change, you can dramatically reduce the chances that your car encounters these issues.

Keep The Battery Clean

Without a functioning battery, your car would be unable to start, and while the battery is often extremely reliable, it need maintenance to help it to continue avoiding problems. In particular, it is possible for limescale and dirt to accumulate around the connections to the battery. These deposits can inhibit the electricity from flowing from the battery to the car, but you can usually easily remove them with a microfiber cloth. In cases where the lime is particularly difficult to wipe away, you may want to pour dry baking soda on it because this will help to break down the lime to make it easier to clean.

Have an effective schedule for performing maintenance to your car is critical for minimizing the risk that it will experience major problems. Sadly, it can be easy to overlook the numerous tasks that must be done for your car. By making sure you are having your vehicle's air filter inspected with each oil change and that you keep the battery clean, you can dramatically lower the risk that you will experience these problems. Contact a business, such as Bonita Point Auto Care 76, for more information.