How To Stay Cool In Your Car

14 March 2016
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When you are driving around in the summer heat, it can be miserable without an air conditioner in your vehicle. Until you get it repaired, you may need to stay cool inside the car. Here are some ways to do that.

Try Not to Drive in the Middle of the Day

If at all possible, control the times when you drive your car if your air conditioning isn't working. When you live somewhere that gets triple digits in the summer, you don't want to be driving around in the early afternoon when the sun is at its highest. Try to change your routine on days when you can adjust your schedule, such as running errands in the morning when the bank and stores first open, or saving your shopping trips for after the sun goes down.

Park in the Shade

Keeping your car cool when it is parked is another thing to pay attention to. If the interior of your car is already hot from sitting for hours in direct sunlight, driving it while it is hot is only going to add to how miserable you are. Make sure you try to find a parking spot in at least partial shade, even if you have to walk a little further to get to the store or to enter your office building. Most parking lots will have shaded spots a little further back. You are getting some exercise while also keeping the interior of your car more tolerable. This will reduce how hot your seats, steering wheel, and gear shift are. You can also put up a sun shade to keep it cool inside.

Have the Windows Tinted

Getting your windows tinted doesn't just make it more difficult for others to see in your car and give you a sense of privacy while driving, but they can reduce the temperature inside your vehicle. They are very effective for keeping the sun from heating up your car, as the sun's UV rays bounce off the window tinting film. You will notice that even in the middle of summer when driving in extreme heat, it is a little cooler if you have tinted windows.

Bring a Cooler of Ice With You

If you are planning on being in your car for a while on a triple-digit day, just parking in the shade might not cut it. In this case, bring along an ice chest filled with ice, and put some water bottles inside. Drinking ice-cold water can help reduce your body's temperature and increase your comfort level. You can also try keeping washcloths in the ice chest, then putting them around your neck when you need to cool off a little more.

Since these are short-term solutions, it is best that you get your car to an auto repair shop as soon as you can to fix the air conditioner.