Answers To Three Common Auto Repair And Maintenance Questions

28 July 2016
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Issues with your car can be highly stressful problems to encounter, but they are an unavoidable part of owning an automobile. Sadly, you might be one of the many drivers with a limited understanding about these systems. Without a basic understanding of the various parts of your car, you may find it difficult to address some of the issues that can arise. By learning the answers to the three questions about parts of your automobile, you will find that you are better prepared to handle these issues when they arise.

What Is The Importance Of Your Timing Belt?

Your car's timing belt is one of the most important parts of the engine. The are a vast number of moving parts of the engine that will need to be synchronized in order for the car to work. The timing belt ensures that these numerous pieces of the engine are working in harmony. If the belt were to become warped or otherwise compromised, the engine would likely experience a drastic drop in performance. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained timing belt can pose another serious threat to the engine because it can be at risk of snapping. When the timing belt snaps while the engine is running, it can cause extensive damages. For these reasons, you should have your timing belt inspected at least once a year.

Why Does Your Catalytic Converter Eventually Need To Be Replaced?

To limit the pollution that is produced when you drive, your car likely has a catalytic converter equipped. These devices are able to transform many of the fumes generated by your car into less harmful gases and water. Unfortunately, the catalytic converter will gradually lose effectiveness as layers of soot and residue start to collect in it. Once this has occurred, the only option for restoring the functionality of this part of the car will be to replace it.

Do Squealing Brakes Always Mean They Need To Be Changed?

The brakes are among the most critically important safety features of your car. As a result, problems with them can be particularly alarming. In particular, the sound of grinding or squealing can be alarming. However, you should be relieved to know that this does not automatically mean that you will have to pay to have the brakes replaced. These sounds can also be caused by debris getting stuck in the moving parts of the brakes. By having the brakes inspected as soon as possible, you will be able to determine whether they will need to be replaced.

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