What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

5 December 2017
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For the average driving-aged individual, the time spent in one's vehicle can add up to a significant number of hours.  This is generally due to the use of a vehicle in commuting to the workplace, running errands, taking vacations, etc.  Unfortunately, vehicles don't always function as they should.  Therefore, due to the law of averages, the possibility of a vehicle not running, breaking down, or having some sort of maintenance issue is very probable.  

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service plan provided by an insurance company, association or other entity.  The plan is designed to aid a stranded customer in the event that something has happened to their vehicle.  When an unforeseen event occurs, causing the motorist to be stranded, the member calls the phone number of the service and states what the problem is.  The service then calls a nearby service provider with the location and what seems to be the problem.  The service provider then travels to the customer to provide the solution for the problem.


When a motorist obtains roadside assistance coverage, they generally receive a number of basic services associated with that membership.  Typically the coverage covers the issue of running out of gasoline and if this happens the service provider brings out gasoline for the motorist.  Another service provided to the stranded motorist includes the swapping out of the flat tire with a spare.  Another valuable service includes the providing of a "jump" if the battery has gone dead.  One other significant feature is a roadside towing service.  Generally, the plan may include tow service, at no charge, up to a set number of miles to the repair shop or other destination.


Having roadside assistance provides a great security blanket, but does come with a cost.  The best way to purchase this peace of mind is by searching the Internet.  This is an excellent way of shopping for the features, the services you wish to have available, and comparing the various rates with each of the roadside assistance services who offer this program.  Additionally, the motorist maybe able to obtain a discount if they are a member of an association, or if the auto insurance they have offers roadside assistance coverage.  Opting in through your auto insurance may be a good decision, especially if there are teen drivers in the household and you want cheap roadside coverage for added peace of mind.

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