Tips For Turbocharger Care

27 February 2018
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If you have a car with a turbocharger on the engine, it's in your best interest to understand how to take better care of it. Before you inadvertently damage it from improper driving habits or car maintenance, there are a couple of things that you should know. Here are some tips for proper turbo care.

Keep Up With Your Oil

Clean, quality oil is essential for any engine, but this is particularly true for a turbocharged engine. The oil is essential for lubricating the moving turbocharger parts, and it's subjected to a lot of heat because of the turbo. To ensure that you're getting the most benefit possible, you should opt for a full synthetic oil for your engine. Full synthetics are designed to withstand far more heat than a conventional oil, so it will provide better protection and won't be subject to burning.

In addition to choosing the right oil, you also need to take care of your oil. Replace the oil every 3500 to 5000 miles, or however often is recommended by your engine and turbocharger manufacturer. That way, the oil is always clean and provides the best possible lubrication.

Don't Run The Engine Cold

When you don't give your car's engine time to warm up before you hit the road, the oil in the engine will still be a little bit thick. That means it won't flow properly, so your engine won't be fully lubricated. Give the engine time to warm up for about five or ten minutes before you actually hit the road. That way, you don't risk any kind of friction damage due to insufficient lubrication.

Let It Idle Before You Turn It Off

Along with warming up the engine, you should also let it idle for a minute or two before you shut it off. This allows the turbocharger to cool down a little bit before you shut the engine off. Since driving generates a lot of heat in the turbocharger, this is important. Failing to do this may lead to some residual oil inside the turbocharger. The heat built up in the turbo can actually scorch the oil, causing carbonization.

Keeping your turbocharger functioning at its best requires careful attention to your engine. With the tips presented here, you'll be able to keep your engine and its turbo running well. For more tips, you can also talk with a performance shop that specializes in turbocharger installation, maintenance, and repair.

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