Dealing With A Bad Car Transmission

15 August 2018
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Did your car suddenly begin to slow down and speed back up while you were driving it? Are you also alarmed because the vehicle moves backwards when you are trying to drive forward? The problems can stem from a few things, but it seems to point to the transmission needing an inspection and repair. It is good to catch a transmission problem as soon as possible to decrease the need to purchase a new one. By reading the content below, you will learn more about an automatic car transmission and signs that it is in bad shape. 

The Transmission Assists the Gears

If your car moves backwards on its own, there is like something wrong with the gears. Although gears can go out from normal wear and tear, they are unable to function if the transmission doesn't work. Basically, the gears must have enough power to move, and the transmission is where they obtain it from. Bad gears can cause a vehicle to only be able to be driven in a single direction. A mechanic can run tests to determine if the gears are damaged, or if the transmission is the culprit. 

Transmission Problems Can Be Sporadic

The most frightening thing about a damaged transmission is that problems can occur when least expected. Driving a car that experiences sporadic problems puts your life in danger each time that it is driven on public roads. Your vehicle suddenly slowing down and speeding back up can mean that it is imminent for the transmission to go out altogether. You can be caught up in heavy traffic and your car will suddenly stop moving, which is dangerous to all drivers on the road with you if it happens. It is wise to stop driving your car if it constantly has sporadic problems that are possibly related to the transmission.

A Car is Useless without a Transmission 

If you expect to continue driving your car, leaving the transmission in bad shape isn't something can be done. At some point you will have to replace the transmission or get a new one installed by a mechanic. The reason why is because a vehicle is unable to move if the transmission is completely damaged. If you don't want to spend money on a new or used replacement, it is important to act fast in determining if the current one can be fixed in an auto service shop.