Is Your Car Failing? 4 Possible Causes

27 January 2022
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Every driver wishes to have an uninterrupted ride all the time. But sometimes, your vehicle will break down unexpectedly, halting your journey. If the issue is minor, you can get back on the road with a few DIY fixes. However, you will need to call an auto repair service for car repairs if the issue is beyond your scope. 

Understanding the root cause of various vehicle issues enables you to get a quick resolution when a sudden breakdown occurs. Here are four common sources of trouble in vehicles. 

Battery Problems

If your battery is dead, starting the car becomes a problem, and it may not start at all. This issue is more prevalent during winter. The battery is a part of the electric system that connects the battery, alternator, and engine. Therefore, the batteries present problems when there is a problem in the electric circuit.

Besides that, leaving your car lights on after turning off the engine drains the battery. Similarly, you will experience trouble with the battery functions if you leave your car without ignition for a long while. Finally, if your battery is too old, it will not serve you as it should, and it might be necessary to replace it.

Issues With the Alternator

If your vehicle breaks down from time to time, the problem could be in the alternator. Sometimes, problems in an alternator disguise and dim the lights. Other times, the ignition lights may come on, followed by a sudden increase in the engine temperature. This means that a component that connects the alternator with the water pump has broken down. For such emergencies, you need professional auto repair services.

Overheating of the Engine

Heating problems can cause your vehicle to stop suddenly. But before that happens, it will show a warning light on the dashboard. Overheating can emanate from the engine or the car's cooling system. 

You can avoid problems in the cooling system by topping up the coolant regularly. It is advisable to check the coolant level before starting the car and watching out for leaks. But you should stop the car and call your auto mechanic if the heating lights come on.

Wrong Engine Oil Levels

Your engine needs the right amount of oil at all times to run smoothly. You will experience difficulties operating the vehicle if the oil level is too low or high. A diesel engine with DPF(Diesel Particular Filter) allows for regeneration where soot is turned into a less harmful gas. But when regeneration doesn't happen, the oil may become diluted, and this can cause serious damage to your engine. To avert an engine failure, get your car an oil change when necessary.

Seek auto repair services when you detect unusual behavior in your car's operations. Doing this averts costly and extensive damages down the line.