The Importance Of Regular Car Oil Changes

27 October 2022
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Although you know you should change your oil regularly, you might not understand why it's necessary. Oil changes serve many purposes when done correctly and on time. Here are some reasons to get your oil changed regularly.

Protects Your Engine

Your car's engine comprises several moving parts that require proper lubrication to run smoothly. Without regular oil changes, these parts will experience damage as they grind against each other and overheat due to increased internal friction.

Changing your oil keeps your engine running smoothly and protects vital engine components, delaying the need for expensive parts replacements.

Cleans Your Engine

As auto oil circulates through your engine, it picks up the dirt and metallic particles that build up inside the engine over time, preventing them from sticking to the internal engine components and causing problems.

Regular oil changes help to keep your engine clean and running at its peak efficiency.

Saves Fuel 

Old or dirty oil strains your engine, causing it to run harder than it should to deliver the desired performance. The overworked engine reduces your fuel economy, making you spend more to fuel your vehicle.

Since a car running on clean oil operates at maximum efficiency, it can save you money on fuel costs.

Increases The Life Of Your Car

Permanent engine damage is one of the reasons your car may become a write-off. The cost to rebuild or replace your engine may be too uneconomical. It's imperative to take care of your existing engine to avoid premature engine replacement or car disposal.

In addition to protecting your engine, regular oil changes help maximize the life of your vehicle. When your engine runs smoothly, efficiently, and reliably, you'll have little need for a new ride.

Helps The Environment

Did you know changing your oil on time can help the environment?

When you don't change your oil, it will release harmful exhaust gases into the atmosphere, resulting in dire consequences for human and environmental health. On the other hand, regular oil changes keep harmful emissions from cars to a minimum, protecting the environment and the people who depend on it for survival.

The benefits of regular oil changes extend beyond the economic advantages you enjoy as a car owner. Cars running on clean oil do not affect the environment as much as those with old oil.

Visit a trusted auto mechanic near you to get your oil checked and changed correctly. Professionals will record your oil change in the logbook and indicate the date of your next scheduled visit.

Contact an auto technician to learn more about car oil changes