2 Advantages Of Buying Radial Over Bias-Ply Tractor Tires

21 December 2022
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After looking at the tires on your tractor, you may have found that they are extremely worn down to the point that you can no longer drive on them. Because you need new ones, you may have started to look at the different types to find suitable replacements.

While reviewing your options, you may be tempted to go with the cheaper options and buy bias-ply tires. However, there are a couple of advantages to opting for radial tractor tires instead. 

1. Better Tread on Radial Tires Give You a Smoother Ride than the Bias-Ply Tire Option 

One advantage of buying radial tires for your tractor instead of bias-ply tires is that the radials will give you a smoother ride. While bias-ply tires have stronger sidewalls, they do not have much tread.

Without a significant amount of tread, you will feel every rock and bump on the ground. If you have to work hours out on your farm, this rough ride can cause you to have sore muscles and joints.

However, with radial tires, the tread is deep and wide, meaning that it will go over the rocks and bumps easily without you feeling them as much. This makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride after spending hours on your tractor.

2. Radial Tractor Tires Cause Less Impaction of the Soil When Your Drive over It

Another advantage that radials have over bias-ply tractor tires is that they do not affect the soil as much. Because of the thinner tread of the bias-plys, the soil they go over will be impacted, making it harder to work up the soil evenly without having to go over it several times.

However, because of the better tread marks and wider tires of the radials, they will affect the soil much less. You can drive over the soil without having to worry about tamping it down with the tires and impacting it, making it easier to work up the ground.

When it comes time to purchase new tires for your tractor, you may be tempted by the cheaper cost of the bias-ply option. However, radial tires will not only give you a smoother ride, but they will also impact the ground less when driving over loose soil. For more information or help with choosing the right model and size for your tractor, speak with a sales representative at a shop that offers tractor tires for sale.  

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