Is Your Vehicle In Need Of A Front End Alignment?

14 February 2023
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Have you been noticing some odd behavior when you're driving, and you're unsure what is going on? It's possible that your vehicle is in need of a front end alignment to get everything working properly again. Here are some signs that you have a problem that can be solved with this adjustment to the tires and wheels. 

The Tires Have Uneven Wear

When a vehicle's tires are in proper alignment, they are going to wear down at the same rate. That's why it is worth inspecting your tires to see how the wear pattern looks on each of them. Look for signs that one tire is more worn down than the other. This is typically going to be along the sides of the tires. You may notice that one tire has a side that has much less tread than the opposite side. 

One of the reasons that a wheel alignment is recommended when getting new tires is so that this doesn't happen. In many cases, uneven wear can cause the need for premature tire replacement because a single tire is missing the proper amount of tread to be driving safely on the road.

The Steering Wheel Is Vibrating

Pay attention to how your steering wheel reacts when driving at high speeds. Does the steering wheel feel smooth, or does it have a bit of a vibration to it? Vibrating is often caused by tires not being in proper alignment since the wheels are not all spinning smoothly. It's going to cause that minor shifting that results in the steering wheel vibration at those high speeds when it is most noticeable. 

The Vehicle Pulls To One Side

A good test is to take your vehicle to a road that is very flat so that you can drive at a decent speed. Then take your hands off the steering wheel to see how the vehicle reacts. Does the vehicle pull off to one side of the road, or does it drive straight? Pulling to the side is an indication that the wheels are out of alignment because the wheels are pointing in two different directions.

The Steering Wheel Is Crooked

Look at how the steering wheel is positioned when you are driving straight since the steering wheel should also be straight. If the steering wheel is not perfectly centered when driving straight, then you know something is off with the alignment of your tires and wheels. 

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