Types Of Auto Glass Damage And Common Repair Technique

20 March 2023
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Auto glass helps protect you from the rain and cold while providing support to the structure of your car. Wear and tear, a stray rock, or a car accident can cause car glass damage. When your auto glass gets broken, repairing it as quickly as possible is very important. Here are some things to consider about auto glass damage and repair.

Auto Glass Damage Types

Chips are some of the most common types of auto glass damage. They commonly occur as a result of errant gravel or other small hard objects. Chips are usually small and round, however, if not repaired in a timely manner, chips can eventually become cracks. Even small cracks in your car glass can spread and damage your windshield from end to end.

While extensive windshield damage from a crack may not happen overnight, waiting too long to fix a crack may make it more difficult for the repair technician to repair the damaged area so that it becomes invisible. If this happens, the repaired portion of the glass may not match the undamaged parts of the glass.

In addition to chips and cracks, scratches are also common types of car glass damage. They can be caused by cleaning your windows with abrasive cloths or paper towels, and your windshield wipers. Scratches also need to be repaired quickly, not because they can spread like chips and cracks, but because they can prevent you from seeing clearly if they are on your windshield.

Auto Glass Repair Technique

During the car glass repair process, the professional technician will clean the glass and then inject a resin substance into the crack or chip. After the resin has been injected, ultraviolet light will be used to cure, or harden, the resin. After the curing process, the technician will polish the area so that it looks smooth. This process typically takes about an hour and, in more cases, the repaired damage will be unnoticeable.

If you sustain car glass damage, contact an auto glass repair professional. When your glass is repaired as soon as possible, the damage is less likely to spread, which will help prevent the need for a complete window replacement. Prompt car glass repair can also save you money. In addition, getting your glass repaired may also help prevent car accidents as a result of obstructed vision caused by a broken windshield. For more information, reach out to a local auto glass service.