Understanding The Transmission In Your Vehicle And When It Needs Repair

20 April 2023
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The transmission in your vehicle is a critical part of the drivetrain, and no matter whether you have an automatic or a manual system, some things may need attention over time. A transmission repair shop can help with both systems, but it is essential to understand when to take the vehicle in for transmission service. 

Automatic Transmissions

The automatic transmission works using pressurized fluid and a valve body that directs pressure through specific areas inside the case. The transmission shifts as the pressure changes and moves through the valve body. 

The transmission has a pump driven by the torque converter at the front of the case, and if the pump fails, the system will not work. Many automatic transmission problems occur because the fluid is not getting where it needs to, and often changing the transmission fluid and the internal filter can correct the problem.

If the transmission in your car is not working, the best place to start is with a system inspection and service by a qualified repair technician. Most transmission shops can tell pretty quickly if the issue is something simple or if you have internal transmission damage that needs attention right away.

Manual Transmissions

A manual transmission works a little differently and is not dependent on pressure to shift. The gears inside the gearbox are positioned so the driver can move the gear selector and manually move the gears from one position to the next. 

A clutch system disconnects the engine and transmission during shifting and will wear down over time. As the clutch wears, the transmission typically gets harder to shift and may not go into gear.

Many times older clutch discs will begin to slip and not deliver the power from the engine to the transmission consistently. If this happens with your vehicle, you may need the clutch replacement, and most transmission shops can do the work easily. 

Other problems can occur inside the transmission, but in most cases, the manual transmission is more durable than an automatic and will last longer when cared for properly. 

Transmission Service

Avoiding transmission problems is not complicated. Following the service intervals and recommendations in the owner's manual is an excellent place to start. You can take your vehicle to the dealer for service or a transmission shop in your area. 

Reporting problems with the transmission as soon as you notice them is essential, and many times it can be the difference between a minor repair and needing a transmission overhaul. If you think there is a problem, it is vital to have a tech check it out.