Is Stone Chip Damage To A Windshield Repairable?

25 July 2023
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Almost every vehicle owner will deal with stone chip repair issues at some point. If you're wondering how repairable a windshield might be, a technician usually bases their decision on these six factors.

Shape and Size

The shape of the damage will dictate how large a professional would let it get before they'd not recommend repairs. Industry professionals typically use the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard as a reference.

Bulls-eye damage radiates out in concentric circles. According to ROLAGS, this type is repairable if it's less than one inch in diameter.

A crack is a relatively linear form of damage. It shouldn't have spider legs that cause additional damage. A crack is repairable up to 14 inches in length. Star-shaped cracking shouldn't surpass three inches.


Surface pitting is a common problem when it comes to stone chips. Stone chip repair services are necessary if the damage goes more than 1/8 of an inch deep. Also, any damage that affects both the inside and outside of the windshield isn't repairable.


The placement of the damage on the windshield also matters. Damage in the driver's field of view is always problematic. If you draw a vertical line up from the farthest left and right sides of the steering wheel, the viewing area is everything between those two lines, above the steering wheel, and below the bottom of the visor. Repair methods can create distortions so a technician will probably tell you to replace the windshield if there's damage in the field of view.

Damage at the edges is also worrisome. Even if a crack would be otherwise repairable, it can compromise the seal at the edge of the windshield.


Limited to no spread is ideal for stone chip damage repair. If the affected area remains the same size, there's a good chance it'll be repairable as long as the location, shape, and size meet the previously-mentioned criteria.

Visible Impurities

Although uncommon, the stone chip may leave behind visible impurities in the glass. Usually, these are from minerals in the stone or pollution along the roadway. Sealing these minerals in the glass can cause further problems. Ideally, the affected area is clear of impurities.

Damage to Features

Many modern cars have integrated features in the windshield. Sensors, coatings, alarms, and antennas may have some elements in the auto glass. A stone chip repair services shop will verify that the features are unaffected before sealing the damaged area.

To learn more about stone chip repair, contact a professional near you.